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{Must-try food places in Perth ft. y5buddy, Pocket Wifi}

Many of y'all probably know that I just got back from Perth not too long ago.

(A bit OCD bout how my fingers aren't exactly framing my face haha)

Some may be wondering how I managed to stay connected with my fam & friends
&surf the net whenever I wanna.
It is all thanks to Y5Buddy for sponsoring me they handy &easy to use pocket wifi!

I think it's really thoughtful how they included a portable charger for the wifi device 
cause it def came in handy when I happen to be out the entire day!
From experience, 
the battery life of the device lasts up to 5 hours 
& it is really easy to use.
Just needa switch on the device and connect your phone to it via wifi. 
Really glad that I could instantly use the internet once I touched down in Perth
so that I can let my fam & friends know that I managed to reach there safely :p
& of course, 
to able to use IG so easily even though I'm not in SG heheh 

So I thought it would be nice to take this chance to share with y'all my experience in Perth
& some of the MUST-TRY food places there. 
It was my first time there & I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the place was :o
Was there for 15days with my friends
& was very fortunate to have my stay sponsored by Airbnb.
The host was super nice 
& always drop by almost immediately to fix the problem whatever problem we have in the house. 
It was a school trip so I basically needa be in school during the weekdays 
but it was really worth it cause I learnt so much there 
&the labs sessions were tons of fun!
I was the "pricker" so I got to take blood from all my group mates muahahah
(They kept calling me a sadist.)

Yeap, I stayed with 5 guys.
hahah wouldn't deny that I was worried bout they habits & hygiene 
but I was so very surprised & thankful to find out that they are actually very clean &neat.
Jeff (the guy cycling in the above pic) has OCD just like me hahah 

Thanks to our tutorial teacher (the guy in middle in the group pic) who introduced some of the 
best food to try in Perth, 
here are my list of must-trys in Perth:

1. Musashi Fine Japanese Food Restaurant
(Located at: 7/115 Grand Blvd, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia)

Sorry for the messy pic as we were all super hungry when the food arrived. 
Found out that the restaurant is so popular to the extent that 
people actually called and ordered their food before dropping by to collect them 
& there were a long lists of food orders before us even though 
we were the first to be physically present at the place during their opening time.
(typical Singaporeans :x hahah)

You really really gotta try their curry chicken! 

2. Ribs & Burgers
(Located at: 24/140 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia)

This is a def must-try if you are a ribs lover. 
I ordered the spicy ribs and was really shocked by how SPICY it is haha 
The price is pretty decent too. 
Accordingly to my lecturer, 
It's one of the best ribs places in Perth. 

3. Little C's 
(Located at: Hilarys Boat Harbour)

There are tons of pizzas to choose from & you can enjoy it with a good view :)

Not only that, 
The longest water slide is also located at Hilarys. 
The downside is that there were only 3 slides to choose from.
Can't really rmb how much the entrance fee was but I think its around S$25 for adults. 

4. Cicerello's 
(Located at Fremantle)

Their Fish&Chips are highly raved for being the best in Perth so I guess 
I had a pretty high expectation for it & was a bit disappointed.
Have to give them the credit for being one of the better ones though. 
Tried a few fish&chips from other places & they weren't as good.
I HAVE to add that we needed to pay S$2 for chilli/ketchup.
It's something that we don't really understand why cause we get sauces here in SG for free 
& S$2 is a bit costly for chilli sauce esp since we paid close for $20 for the meal -.- 

My post of their Fish&Chips using my pocket wifi :p

Gotta say that Fremantle itself is a very pretty place with the Ferris Wheel 
& all the old heritage houses.

hahah cadid pic as my friends disturbed me bout posing lika model.

Everywhere just seems so picture perfect!

Oh, we rented 2 cars so I can't really comment on their transport systems there.
I would recommend to rent cars if you could 
cause the petrol there is soooo cheap. 
Full tank is only around S$45 plus the rental for cars were pretty affordable 
cause we split between the 6 of us & each only needa pay $180 for 15days :o
Not only that, 
everywhere is kinda far apart so I think it will be much more convenient.

Shall save the second part of my Perth Trip for next time where 
I will share bout some of my fav places that I visited :)

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Until next time!