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{My skincare solution; Simplistiq}

I know it has been quite some time since I blogged ):
Was busy studying for exams & completing assignments ever since I got back from Perth.
I will be sharing with y'all something that I have been wanting to share for ages
but didn't have the chance. 
Rmb when I mentioned about how I love making trips to Simplistiq ?
Here are some of the reasons why!

Even though they may be an aesthetic clinic who provides aesthetic services such as 
fillers, botox etc.
They are super understanding & are always checking with me bout what I wanna do for my face
instead of pushing for me to try out their aesthetic services. 
I really appreciate how they understand that I am not very open to the idea of aesthetic enhancement.

I shared about how I really love their Carbon Laser Peel Treatment on IG some time ago
&here are the results:
The one on the left is the Before & the right is the After.
This is the result from just ONE treatment :o
The Carbon Laser Peel Treatment is perf for getting rid of those stubborn blackheads.
My skin instantly looks clearer after the treatment 
& it wasn't painful cause they applied numbing cream (my pain threshold isn't very high :x).
Gotta add that the blackheads on my nose is also much lesser after one treatment. 
*thumbs up*

I'm not sure if you girls experience breakouts whenever you're gonna get your period.
I'm one of those unfortunate ones who has this problem. 
Below are the difference after a 4 sessions of the Accelera Laser Acne Treatment. 
The recurrence of the acne is also evidently lesser after the treatments.  

It is pretty normal for you to be slightly pinkish after the treatment 
&it will subside after a an hour or so :)

I actually drop by a few days after I got back from Perth as I was experiencing breakouts 
from all the exams&assignment stress. 
Thankful for the really caring team & Dr. Tan for always doing such great job with my skin. 

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