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{Eyebrow Embriodery x Milly's}

Finally have the time to drop by Milly's latest store
which is located at Suntec City, Tower 1 #03-324/325 (next to True Fitness).
Was really excited bout visiting this outlet as they offer new services here!
Booked an appointment with them to try out their eyebrow embroidery & IPL services. 
Will be sharing with y'all bout my first ever eyebrow embroidery experience today :]

Was surprised by how spacious the store was :o 
This outlet is really huge!

There are different ares for the various services that they cater to.
Here are where the nail services will be carried out:

Really like the simple & chic decor of this outlet.

HEHEH spotted my pic :p
This section is where the IPL & waxing services will be performed at. 

So I have never done eyebrow embroidery before...
Was really nervous as I didn't know what to expect 
&lots of worries kept running through my mind. 
it will be super obvious if my brows are done properly cause they are known to "frame" your face. 
it was my first time doing eyebrow embroidery so I was really unsure bout what to expect hahah 
okayy, I'm a worry bug ...
I have always wanted to give eyebrow embroidery a go as (many of y'all would have known by now)
I'm super lazy when it comes to putting on make-up. 
hahah the only thing that I bother applying on my face is sunblock... 
Not only that, 
I wasn't exactly blessed with perfect eyebrows, 
they are kinda thin (esp the front & end) 
so I will always needa fill them in. 
Those who has been drawing their brows will probably know that 
if you don't wash them off properly, 
you will start having clog pores around/on your brows.
haha y'all don't need know how I know that :}

Here's my naked face & how they look like before eyebrow embroidery:

so how was it?
Will try to be as detailed as possible with the process!
The beautician started with shaping & trimming my brows.
*pardon the pre-period & stress outbreaks on my face*

She then drew in the outline & shape of the brows. 
I was asked to check if its ok 
& instruct the beautician (YouYou) on where I would like to make some changes on. 
After which, 
I was faced with the tough question of what colour I would like my brows to be. 
hahah the problem is, 
I tend to change my hair colour pretty often 
&you know how our brows are supposed to match our hair colour?
After a long dilemma, 
I decided on the dark brown colour as I thought it will probably be the safest choice.

The actual process begins with YouYou applying numbing cream on my brows.
Thank goodness for numbing cream!
hahah whoever who created it is a genius :p
*ahem* I have low tolerance for pain.

After about 10-15mins, 
she started "cutting" my brow with a blade.
Don't worry, 
each blade is only being used once 
& the equipment are also sterilised. 

I didn't exactly feel much pain during the process.
It just felt like someone is constantly scratching your skin 
but there isn't much pain which was a weird sensation haha
Didn't take pics of the bleeding brows cause I'm pretty sure most of y'all wouldn't wanna see that...

It's done!

Was given a cream to apply on my brows to prevent infection. 
They instructed me to avoid letting the brows come in contact with water 
& to apply the cream for the next 3-4 days. 

Was informed that the brows will be very dark the following days
so that the colour can last longer.
They weren't kidding bout that! 
hahah I woke up the next morning with really dark brows.

The brows started to peel on the 3rd day as I started wiping & cleaning them with cotton wool. 
It took a lot of self-control from scratching them during this period 
as they started to itch quite a bit causing they were healing hahah

After about 5 days, 
the colour of my brows became lighter 
& I was really happy with how natural they look!

How my brows look like after a month:

in case you're wondering, 
I did the 6D hair stroke brow :))
It is an advanced eyebrow embroidery technique which introduces more strokes
to mimic your existing brow hairs.
That's the reason why the end result looks so natural!
Gotta say that it was a pretty good first time experience.
It was easy to take care of the brows during the recovery phase
&the cream they provided was so handy. 
Def looking forward to my touch-up session!

For those who wanna give their eyebrow embroidery a go, 
you're in luck!

Milly's is having a promotion !!!

1.    Basic Brows $299 (Include 1 touch up) usual $499 
2.    Combination Brows $499 (Include 1 touch up) usual $699
3.    3D Creative Brows $599 onwards (Include 1 touch up) usual $799
4.    6D Hair Stroke Brows $699 (complimentary 1 touch up) usual $1399

***Do note that the promotion is only applicable when 
you quote my name "Georgina" before booking an appointment!

For more information, 
you can contact Milly's @ Suntec City; 8383 5395 //