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{Perth Trip; places to visit in Perth}


Really excited to be sharing with ya'll some of my fav places in Perth. 
My friends & I had problems figuring out 
where we should go in Perth so I thought this may be helpful 
for those who are going there for the first time :)

1. Swan River 
This is place with the famous Blue Boat House
& well, 
you have to take at least one picture there.

&of course, 
there were black swans in the river!
So amused by how they don't seem to be afraid of humans 
&keep moving closer towards us!

You can also do various water sports here such as kayaking & stand-up paddling!

2. Caversham Wildlife Park 

This was one of my fav place cause we can actually play with the animals!
It is something we don't really get to do in Sg 
as the animals are usually locked up in their respective areas.

Haha it's like one of those farms in the nursery rhymes :p

What do you mean? HAHAH 

There are tons of diff kinda animals from reptiles to diff species of birds and of course, 

There is this huge area where kangaroos get to roam around freely.

This kangaroo below gave us quite an experience that we will never forget 
cause we actually witnessed a complete change in his attitude
when the zoos keeper approached us.
He actually went into a "fight mode" as he raised to his full height 
& tried to attack the zookeeper when the zookeeper was informing me that I shouldn't hold the kangaroos' forearms 
as they may get aggressive :o
The kangaroo managed to land quite a few large stretches on the zookeeper's neck 
&it was pretty scary seeing the kangaroo all worked up,
flexing all his upper body muscles...
Pretty insane huh?

3. Hilarys Boat Harbour 

Had already mentioned bout this place in the pervious post 
bout where some of the good food in Perth are at.

Below is the other view of the harbour where there are tons of restaurants to dine at.

This was also the first beach that I went to in Perth 
&I was really mesmerised by its beauty.
The endless clear blue sea and sea is so gorgeous
& it is def a good change from our hazy sky hahah
Was thinking bout how we had our trip at the right time 
cause we managed to "escape" from the haze in Sg. 

4. Fremantle

Of course, 
Fremantle is a place you have to go to in Perth!
It's the only place that I know of that has a flea market 
where you can shop & buy things at a much cheaper price compared to those found in the city. 

It's also a place where you can take tons of pretty photos :]

They have lots of historic buildings
& there's also the Fremantle Prison that you can visit.
We didn't have an itinerary so we actually 
missed out on quite a few locations
 in Perth, including the Fremantle Prison :/
Not only that, 
the parking was a problem as it was really hard to find parking lots.
There are tons of people there & for some reason, 
we can only park for max an 1 hour. 
Do lemme know if there's a way around this hahaha

The prison that we missed out on ):

5. Perth Hills

It is quite a distant from the city 
but then again, 
if you have been to Perth, 
you're probably used to the distance you will needa travel from one place to another.
Naturally, the main reason we wanted to go to Perth Hills was to see the water fall.

Our expectation of how the waterfall will be like (where reference to Google):

In reality:

hahah maybe it's cause of the season that it turned into a mini waterfall.
the view was amazing!
You are almost able to see the entire city from here!
There are also various hike routes that you can try to see different parts of the waterfall.

So... we went back around 11pm (cause we had the sudden urge to star gaze)
& decided to drop the idea of going to Margaret River
 (cause it will take us around 4 hours to get there).

Couldn't capture pics of the sky as I didn't bring a proper camera with me but it was so beautiful!
Can never get to see this many stars in Sg >.<

6. Perth Royal Show

We were lucky to be visiting Perth during their Queen's Birthday
cause we got to attend the Perth Royal Show which is a carnival that will be held annually. 
Trust me on this, 
The rides there are insane!

We were greeted with all the children's rides 
so we thought it was supposed to be a carnival for families.
Little did we know, 
the carnival is HUGE & the rides for adults were crazy hahah
Shared videos of the rides on my IG (@sugarrandspice).
Here's a bird eye's view of the carnival from the merry-go-round swing that we were on:

There were also tons of animals at the carnivals,
Even camels for y'all to ride on!

You can also milk the cows & attend the farm show hahah

The only thing is, 
apart from the entrance fee (S$35), 
we still needa pay for the individual rides which was either S$10/15/20.
That means that you are probably gonna end up spending a mini fortune there. 
Thought it was pretty pricey so I only went on 3 rides.
if I were ever to go back, 
I'm mostly definitely gonna get another one of their awesome milkshake at the carnival!
It's really really good haha 
it is only available specially for the carnival so you can't get it anywhere else.

7. Cottesloe Beach 

I asked my lecturer if he could introduce some places for us to visit in Perth
& his reply was "there's the Margaret River and you can always go to one of the beaches & start your own BBQ cause the pits are free". 
hahah apparently, 
just driving down to a random beach, getting a drink
& chilling by the beach is something that a lot of them do there.

Which is why we decided to go beach-hopping hahah
went to 3/4 different beaches in a day & here's the most memorable one; 
Cottesloe Beach.

Have you ever seen such a grand Surf Life Saving Club ?!

there were also a street of restaurants and cafes directly opposite the beach!

Remember freezing our butts off by the beach 
&wondering how are the locals able to swim in the ice cold sea half naked/in their bikinis...

We didn't know which dessert to order so we decided to get one of each & share them :)

8. Watertown Outlet Mall 

I didn't do much shopping when I was there 
cause everything's around the same price as Sg
& we kinda assess to the same brands. 

The one place that I shopped the most at was Watertown Outlet Mall which is located near the city.
Things there are mostly sold at discounted price 
&you can even find stores like FCUK there!
I managed to get things like 2 rompers for S$15 there.
Would def recommend this place for those who loves to shop.

9. Jim Kidd

This store is def something for those who loves sports gears like I do.
They have outlets in various places,
you can even find one of it's store at the outlet mall that I mentioned perviously.
You can expect to find sport shoes from the various leading sports brands 
at just S$50 there.
Good deal huh?

We went to city a few times for the food but other than that, 
there's nothing much to do there in my opinion. 
you're into the clubbing and pubs scene heh
I did managed to meet the local policewoman there 
& guess what!
She was riding a huge pony!!!

heheh how cute!

One thing that I really love bout Perth is that they are big in preserving & protecting
 the nature.

The perfect place for a workout you reckon? :}