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{Changing Eating Habits}

I can totally understand those who have problems managing their calories
I loooove food (esp desserts) 
& it can be kinda hard to manage your intake at times. 
I always believe that we should eat in moderation 
& that a small amount of "dirty" food is fine 
but I always have the tendency to binge eat after shoots :/
Will be sharing with y'all some tips on how to better manage your food intake today.
Hope this will be useful for those who are looking to be in more control of their weight/
prevent binge eating!

1. Eat from smaller plates

Think this is really useful because you will put lesser in your plate 
when the size of your plate is smaller.
do keep in mind not to under feed yourself though! 
I find that this method will be useful for those who tends to pile food on their plates
like wayyyyyy too much. 
Esp during buffets. 

2. Use a smaller spoon

This is somewhat similar to the previous one.
It will be really useful for those who want to lose weight as 
a smaller spoon allows you to hold only so much of the food.
You may also start to feel fuller faster when you put a smaller portion into your mouth each time as you will then be able to chew food slowly 
&allow your body to inform you when it starts feel full.

3. Eating in front of a mirror

HAHA Hookayy,
I actually tried this whenever I am about to grab that bag of chips
when I am supposed to be leaning out for an upcoming shoot.
It actually works!
You may start feeling really guilty bout putting "junk food" into your mouth when
you're able to see your reflection in the mirror.
Better yet,
try doing it half-naked/ in your sports bra! hahaha

4. Eat/chew slowly

As mentioned earlier,
chewing/eating slowly actually allows you to better digest your food intake
& enable your body to send you signals when it is starting to feel full.
This will prevent you from overeating & worst yet (this always happens to me D:),
start hurting from overeating :/
I always overeat so much that my tummy starts hurting like crap
& I can't even stand up straight after.
Anyone feel me? hahah

5. Do not eat out of the jar

So I have an ultimate soft-spot for TORRES' black truffle chips. 
If you haven't tried it, 
YOU HAVE TO (esp if you're a truffle lover like me)!!!
So so good.  
I digress...
It is really important to NOT eat outta the bag/jar. 
I'm pretty sure many of y'all (I'm guilty of this too) 
have experienced witnessing the entire bag gone within seconds of eating outta the bag/jar. 
Come on, you know this is true!
It's so hard to manage the portion that you are eating when the entire bag is right within your reach. 
Grab a handful instead 
& store the remaining :)

6.Food diary 

I have never done this before cause I find it kinda depressing.
No offence, just a personal opinion. 
I find it depressing cause I know how WELL it will work on me hahaha 
Having to note down everything I have eaten the entire day is just...
This is def one way to play the guilt trip on yourself hahaha
I really do think if you needa drop some pounds (for health/ competition reasons), 
it really is essential & effective.
You can also keep track of how many calories, carbs, protein and fats that you have been consuming. 

Hope these tips are useful to y'all!
Rmb, food is ESSENTIAL. 
Don't ever hurt yourself by underfeeding your body!
These are tips for those who are looking to shred some pounds to be HEALTHY,
not underweight! 
Love yourself & be kind to yourself. xx

*Disclaimer: pics used in this post doesn't belong to me*