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{Happy Plugs earphones}

I've finally gotten my very own Happy Plugs Earphones!

Couldn't decide which one I like best & Happy Plugs was really sweet to send me BOTH of them!
How can you say no to these earphones?
I really love their huge range of colours & all of them look so pretty!
Decided to go ahead w my 2 fav colours; Rose Gold & Turquoise.
The Rose Gold one is definitely a prefect match for any outfits
& can be used as a fashion accessory :p

Could you tell the difference between the two of them?

The Turquoise one is actually a Sport Earphone!
I really like how the ear piece is built in such a way that it prevents it from dropping out easily,
giving you a secure fit.
I always have this problem of accidentally hooking my hands onto my ear phones 
&yanking them outta my ears hahah 
Gotta admit that that really hurts :x 
(esp when you have a Tragus piercing like me)
Besides that, 
these earphones are also water resistant & the cable is also designed to be tangle free!

Another thing that I really like bout Happy Plugs' earphones is base of the music. 
Great for giving me that extra pump during those killer squats HAHAH

It comes along w a carry bag 
& extra silicon ear buds (S/M/L) so that it will fit better for each individual!

Been using these ever since I got them heheh