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{IPL + Brazilian Waxing by Milly's}

Will be talking bout my IPL & Brazilian Waxing experience w Milly's today :)
Fret not, I will not be sharing anything explicit on this post.
Will be keeping it very PG13 thankyouverymuch hahah
I have been doing IPL @ my underarm area for about 3months plus
& the reason why I am only sharing bout my experience now is that 
I wanted to wait till I have experienced a few sessions first before sharing bout the results. 
Like waxing, 
IPL results are more visible after a few treatments. 
Do keep in mind veryone's hair type is different.
For those who has stubborn hairs like mine, 
you will need more than just a few sessions.

The aisle where all the IPL &waxing sessions take place.

Here's how the machine looks like:

I really like their IPL service cause unlike some of the other IPL machines, 
Milly's machine is able to target a larger area at a go. 
 Instead of targeting an area at a time, 
the beautician is able to target the top to the bottom of the underarm each round 
as the machine is able to release 5 "clicks" each time. 
They will start by applying a layer of gel on your underarm
followed by requesting you to put on a pair of goggles. 
It is nice to know that the beautician is always very careful
& will constantly checking w me if the heat is too hot for me. 

Haha as you can see, 
I have some ingrown hairs. 
This is usually caused by shaving ):
sometimes I'm just too lazy to pluck them one at a time... hahah 
Don't tell me you don't have one of those days! 
Did you know that IPL treatment reduces the possibility of getting ingrowns?

As for plucking, 
it can be damaging to the skin too & it can be pretty painful for first timers.

I'm happy to share that after 3 sessions, 
I can see visible difference in my underarms. 
We all know how the hair would grow back pretty quickly when you shave them.
After the IPL sessions, 
I can tell that the speed at which the hairs are growing are much more slower 
(takes around 2 weeks to grow out)
& some parts have stopped growing :o
I would also like to add that there isn't any burning smell after the treatment.
I've done IPL on my face with another beauty salon before
& there was always this burning smell after the session is done :/

(Milly's uses hot wax for their waxing services)

I have heard that Brazilian Waxing hurts like sh*t & I wouldn't be surprised. 
It's at one of our most sacred and sensitive area of our body!
I was really nervous & y'all know how my pain threshold is very high hahah

nervous look photo: Nervous Look zooey63.gif

I kept bombing Shakila (my very so patient beautician) tons of questions
while she was performing for the session XP
I was also very very shy about showing her my Brazilian area *ahem*
Like so awkward & paiseh right haha
I guess y'all are waiting for my answer to your burning questions right now,
So did it hurt?!
I'm not gonna lie,
it did hahah
Shakila mentioned that it is probably cause I used to shave
(for those who hasn't shave the area before, it will be less painful for you).
The reason why I wanted to try out Brazilian is cause
I don't wanna have ingrowns & it is so much more cleaner as compared to shaving.

Really felt like I was in good hands cause she is experienced &
seemed so confident in what she is doing.

spongebob gifs photo: Spongebob - Hyperventilating tumblrlgjdthnbly1qc0ao5.gif

That's basically me each Shakila counts to 3 to pull out the next strip hahah
I still feel pretty nervous even though I have done Brazilian w her 3x already.
It doesn't feel as painful now as compared to the first session though.

Here's how the wax looks like:

One is dark brown for the thicker hair
& the white wax is for finer hair.
I like to call them dark and milk chocolate :D

It's really way cleaner after the waxing (feels like newborn HOHO)
& the new hair that grows out doesn't itch as much as compared to when you shave them...
The hair is also softer & finer.
Will share more bout the results in a few months' time!

Milly's is having a promo for first timers interested in trying out
their IPL service!
First session will only be join at $19.90 (at small areas)!!!
Don't forget that you can also quote me "Georgina" for a special discount!

Until next time!