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{#ootds from ZNU}

Will be sharing with y'all two of my favourite #ootds in Japan today :p
They were practically staples during my trip hahah
The weather was crazy cold there & I wore these 2 for majority of my trip :x
They are both from http://www.znu.com !
Btw, I really love this store cause they offer all the pieces every girl needs in their wardrobe! 
They have everything from swimwear to prom dresses :o

Here's the first (&undeniably my favourite) #ootd in Japan:

You would have probably seen this on my IG hehe
I really like how there are pockets on the side which makes it so convenient for me to store my wallet & phone. 
The length is perfect too!

You can find out more about this piece here:

The second #ootd isn't as thick is the first one but I LOOOVE the back of this sweater!
It has a split back :o
Super unique huh?
You can even wear it at the beach hehe 
More on how it looks like from the back in this link below:

I basically wore this sweater as second layer over my tops for majority of my time in Japan
I gotta add that I really like the loose collars on these two!

Am super pleased with how good the quality of these sweaters are!
Will def bring them along for my trips in future :}