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{LifeTrak Zone R420}

Have always been curious bout how many calories am I burning during the workout
& at how many % of my Heart Rate max am I hitting during cardio.
Was really excited to receive my super versatile LifeTrak Zone R420
& try out the various features that it has.
LifeTrak Zone R420 is a device by Axtro Sports,
Singapore's leading distributor for fitness technology and sporting goods.
Armed with ECG accurate heart rate monitoring technology,
users can not only track their heart rates during workout but also throughout the day w a single tap of a button.

With the round and sleek look,
the R420 promises highly accurate step counting and sleep tracking technology.
Thought this was really interesting as I have always wondered how many steps I'm actually taking per day
& what are the distances that I have travelled.
It automatically tracks down all day calorie burn, steps, distance and workouts.
The tracking of calories burned is calculated using heart rate readings and daily activities.
These datas can be for stored up to seven days on the wrist.
I especially like how it is also water and swim proof (30meters/90feet)
so there's no need to worry bout it getting damaged when it comes in contact w water/ sweat for that matter HAHAH
The R420 is powered by standard cell battery so no recharging is needed.
Another thing that I like about this device is that you can edit & track everything from an app too.
You are able to get hold of long term and detailed charts of your data from the LifeTrak App
which is really simple to use.

Here's how it looks like in the packaging: 

The device is light and fits perfectly on the wrist so that it doesn't hinders the workout. 
It's really sleek 
& definitely a helpful device to have around to compliment the workout.
Gotta admit that I took a bit of time to navigate around at first cause it offers so many different functions.
once you get use to the various buttons, 
everything becomes so convenient :]

For more information, you can check out the link below: