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(ChiroKare Spine & Nerve Clinic)

I'm back to share with y'all bout my very first experience with a clinic that specialises 
in chiropractic.
For those who are new to chiropractic,
it is a form of treatment (an alternative for medicine) for mechanical disorders of the 
musculoskeletal system, esp the spine. 
The main chiropractic techniques involves manual therapy, 
especially spinal manipulation therapy (SMT),
manipulations of other joints & soft tissues. 
Many of y'all will probably know it as the "clicking of joints". 

I was fortunate to be given a series of sponsored sessions with ChioKare 
to experience what is it like to be under the care of a clinic that specialises solely in chiropractic. 

Before the start of the session, 
they will carry out an analyse of the posture & various alignments of the body by taking 
frontal and sagittal photos of the client
against the postural analysis grid chart below.

The photos are then given
 to me as a reference for the consultation that I will be having with the Dr. Kim 
before proceeding to the treatment. 

I was treated with a series of treatments such as manipulation of the spine from 
the neck to the lower back, 
treatment using the Drop Table
& the Activator.
If you haven't,
you can check out the video that I shared on IG bout my visit 
I was a little surprised by the Drop Table & the Activator as 
it was my first time experiencing such treatments. 
Even though they may sound kinda loud,
the treatments were painless.
It wasn't my first time getting manipulation but 
I was really impressed was how Dr. Kim was able to manipulate my spine really 
smoothly & effortlessly.
He has lots of certificates under his belt hahaha
Besides the treatments, 
he also shared with me some of the stretches & exercises that I can perform on my own
to improve blood flow 
& reduce the crazy tension in my traps & neck.
Needless to say, 
I left the clinic feeling like all the tension has left my body heh

You can get in touched with them:

304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza
Orchard Medical Specialists Centre 
#05-25 Singapore 238863
Phone:+65 6836 2944E-mail: admin@chirokare.com.sg
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More info can be found here:

Till next time! xx