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{Gaston Luga Clässy Mini, Swedish Backpack}

Gaston Luga is a brand known for it versatility  & functionality. 
They offer a huge range of backpacks suitable for many occasions: work, school, travel & even as a gym bag!
There are many different models & colours to choose from for both mean & women. 

Will be sharing with you my latest collab w Gaston Luga today :}
This is probably the cutest & prettiest one yet!
It is their latest Clässy Mini backpack which minimalistic yet luxe & functional. 
What I really like bout this series is that every piece comes with
customizable with the flap top!
You can choose between pink, burgundy or brown :o
It's like having 2 for the price of 1!

Was so spoilt with choice that I did a polling on IG
to help me decide on the second flap colour HAHAHA

Got the burgundy one & there was absolutely no regrets!
Interchanging the flaps was simple & fuss-free.

It's like a completely diff piece hehe

Would like to add that I like that each item comes with a dustbag!

Plus the gold plate of their logo is a really nice touch!

They even pay attention to the little details on the interior with the maroon colour & logos.
There is also a mini compartment inside to compartmentalise your items ;p

Thinking of getting your very own Gaston Luga Clässy Mini?
Guess what!
YOU can get yours now with 
Free shipping (DHL Express or Fedex) 
plus 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country)
AND 15% off with my discount code on the remaining price after tax rebate!


For every Clässy Mini purchase, 1 additional flap top will be given for free!