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{How I manage my food intake/Portion control}

I shared a collage on Instagram on how I am changing up 
the way I watch my diet.
I used to think that 'eating clean' was the only way to lose fat.
It made me very frustrated as I had to restrict myself from eating out 
in order to stick to my diet plans. 
Not only did it made me feel unhappy, 
it was also making the people around me feeling uncomfortable. 
They worried that I will feel uncomfortable with them eating fast food 
in front of me, 
they are concerned about my low body fat percentage as I stopped having periods. 

I am counting macros/calories instead of eating clean. 
I am managing my food portions & intake 
instead of restricting myself from eating what I wanna eat. 
I get that counting calories can be quite tricky at first 
& it can be quite troublesome to bring a food scale everywhere we go. 
Fret not, 
I am not doing that hahahah 
Thankfully for me, I have Marcus to guide me along the way 
as he used to bring a scale around to way his food 
so he is able to gauge the amount of calories for various food. 

Here's a simple rule of thumb whenever I eat out:
When in doubt, always over estimate 

You can also try checking with the chef/ waiter if they know the weight of the various food that you're ordering. 
Chances are, they do!
I use the food diary app (MyFitnessPal) to help me track my calories throughout the day.
What I love bout it is that there are already tons of food items 
already keyed in by other users so you can simply 
search for the food item that you're gonna consume at the search bar. 
I have the habit to plan what I'm gonna have the following day 
as it helps to prevent me from overeating. 
do note that some of the items keyed in do not have proper macros (protein, fats, carbs).
Always make sure to double check!
Besides that, 
I kinda disagree with the calories that it sets for the users. 
It helps you to calculate the number of calories you should consume based on 
your activity level, weight & height. 
The result tend to be under-estimated & may result in under eating.
Instead of following the given calories, 
I am currently eating around 1.8k per day to 'cut'/ lose weight in addition to my weight lifting seshs :)

thought I should elaborate more on my IG post here :p
The main takeaway point is to have portion control.
It's not just about what you eat but also, 
how much you eat!

I am a pretty boring person so I'll go back to get the same drink over & over again 
or eat the same thing every single day to the extent that I can rmb
how much calories are in each item hahaha 
Avoid ordering huge cups of drinks as that naturally means more calories.
Ask for no whip cream (I know it tastes great but the macros for that is nasty)
cause there is no need for it haha don't hate on me!
To cut more calories, 
ask for soy milk instead of full cream milk. 

For those packaged items, 
you can easily track the calories from the labels on the packaging.
Make sure to looking at the serving size!
Don't be tricked by the 'low amount' of calories as 
it usually indicates 1 serving & the packet contains 3/5 servings. 

If you have a sweet tooth like me, 
it is always a good idea to share your desserts!
That way, 
you will get to try more things & consume a lesser amount of calories.
(DON'T BE GREEDY HOHOHO is this why bfs are getting fat?)

High sugar drinks are like silent killers to me. 
You may think a cup of 'Boost Juice' is 'low calories' 
but it actually contains up to 400 plus or more calories. 
That's the reason why I have the habit of planning ahead. 
If I wanna get a cup of Boost Juice, 
I will have to cut out my snacks for the day. 
In any case, 
I usually try to avoid 'drinking my calories' as it doesn't really keeps me full. 

One way I try to combat my habit of snacking is by packing protein snacks in my bag. 
I find it really hard to get hold of high protein food in SG
as it is mostly packed with fats & carbs
& high protein food
is usually pretty pricy. 

'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!'

Grab a glass of water now
Water can help to curb cravings
& keep you full!

I find it really hard to control if I were to eat out of the jar/
the bag. 
One trick is take out a palm size of the food 
& store the rest away. 
Another trick is get rid of all the unhealthy snacks at home. 
If you don't see it, 
you will not think about eating it. 

Hope this lil post is useful for those who are looking to manage their diets better!
Until next time!