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Frequently asked questions

What’s your height and weight?
I am 1.70 cm and as for my weight, it fluctuates from 58-62kg. (I do not weigh myself as I do not believe in what the scale tells me so I haven't actually weighed myself in months.)

What is your workout routine?
I focus on a total body approach to ensure I am strong, possess a good amount of lean mass and have good cardiovascular endurance at the same time. I split my workout into four days (each workout is around an hr long). On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I lift weights, focussing on the different body parts for each day like Chest, shoulders and biceps on Mondays, back and triceps on Wednesdays and legs on Fridays. On Sundays I run about 30-45minutes at a moderate pace at the reservoir :>

How do I lose tummy & thigh fats?

This is a very common question asked by many and the misconception that most have is that you can actually gain "abs" solely on just doing core related exercises or you can target different areas of your body to lose fats.

However, it doesn't work that way at all. Doing just abs exercises will result in muscles formed below a layer of fats on your tummy and you will eventually give up due to frustration as obviously there is no short-cut in fitness. The same goes for losing thigh fats or fats at any other part of your body for that matter. The trick here is to treat your body as a whole, you can't simply just work one area and neglect the rest. Our body works in a way whereby we lose fat in an overall approach so do not neglect the other parts of your body!

Will Cardio (running, swimming, cycling) workouts and core exercise done everyday be essential?
The best combination to achieve a healthier and fitter body is to incorporate both cardio and weights into your routine. & the last ingredient to add will be to have a clean and healthy diet.

Will lifting weights make a girl look buff/ bulky?
This is another worry that many girls have and it is also a common myth to hear whereby girls will get buff/bulky from weight lifting. I guess the simplest analogy that I can give is myself. I have been lifting for almost a year and I'm not getting buff/bulky :p

Some may look that way due to the excess fats that they have yet to lose. Stay on track, and all the excess fat will be shed off in time to come, revealing the lean body underneath.

Do you count your calories?
Nope, I do not count my calories as it can be real tedious and tough to do (especially when I have this habit of snacking). I'm more strict with my diet when I have up-coming photo-shoots.

*** I will usually advice to have more carbs in the morning and lesser throughout the day!

What is recommended for post-workout meal?
A balanced meal would be a great post-workout meal, just like how your overall food intake should be. I go by a protein/carb/fat ratio of 40/40/20 & I will def end my workout with a protein shake ( ON 100& Whey protein mixed with Pro Complex protein).

Should I eat before or after my workout?
It is always good to have a minimum amount of pre-workout meal/boost such as a cup of coffee and toast. Many may not be able to take going for a workout with an empty stomach so it pretty much depends on individual.

How many times should I workout a week?
The advisory amount to have will be three times a week and maximum 4.
Do note that excessive workout/intensity is not good for your body as it needs rest & especially for girls, it may even affect your menstrual cycle.

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